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 "The Deception"
Original Airdate: November 09, 1984
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Plot Summary - Kyle intercepts a message from a downed resistance fighter that reveals the location of a rendezvous to transport Elizabeth to New York. Diana hears of the rendezvous and uses holographic technology on Mike to learn the secret location.

Detailed Review -


Freedom Network Medal of Valour - No Freedom Network broadcast.  Thanks to MacraTerr for the following information: The "Freedom Network" segment listed as part of Episode 3 was originally run as part of Episode 4.  This was the only time the Freedom Network segment was shot on video (simulating an actual newscast) rather than film.  In the subsequent appearances of this segment, it was shown in telecine form (i.e. converted to film).

Bloopers and Nitpicks


Memorable Moments

Diana:  Jane Badler
Lydia:  June Chadwick
Elizabeth Maxwell:  Jennifer Cooke
Willie:  Robert Englund
Juliet Parrish: Faye Grant
Ham Tyler: Michael Ironside
Mike Donovan: Marc Singer
Nathan Bates: Lane Smith
Robin Maxwell:  Blair Tefkin 
Elias Taylor:  Michael Wright
Kyle Bates:  Jeff Yagher
Guest Stars 
Sean Donovan:  Nick Katt
Additional Guest   
Sandy Lang, Randall Brady, Anthony Ellis
Executive Producer:  Daniel H. Blatt
Executive Producer: Robert Singer
Supervising Producer:  Garner Simmons
Producer: Dean O'Brien
Creator: Kenneth Johnson
Writer: Garner Simmons
Director:  Victor Lobl 

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